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bluestone infrastructure company limited

Who We Are

Bluestone Infrastructure Company Limited is a Ghanaian registered company with a focus on Infrastructure development in Sub-Sahara Africa. It was established in May 2009 with the primary aim of championing the developmental needs of Ghana and the Ecowas sub- region as a whole.

Bluestone identifies and sources infrastructure development opportunities in roads, power, water, oil & gas, seaports, airports, rail and Information & communications technology. The Bluestone niche is creating internationally bankable infrastructure projects, the core activity is;

  • Identifying the infrastructure opportunities
  • Providing project development management skills
  • Negotiating regulatory contracts, concessions, licenses and consents
  • Sourcing sophisticated partners to take the early stage risk
  • Sourcing equity investors
  • Raising the loan capital to fund project implementation

Much of what we do is in the private sector domain, but we also extend our services to joint ventures with public entities.  We also offer our services to Governments to assist them package infrastructure opportunities. 

The Bluestone management team includes engineers and business professionals, with diverse skill sets including project finance and advisory services, pre-contract services, contracting and management consulting. 

We work in partnership with sophisticated customers and partners who value the skill set and experience the team brings to bear on project development.